Track and Trace Business Case: 

Owning and operating a huge number of assets with a
complex direct and reverse logistic process


  • LNG cylinders refilled at the Bexpetro production facility
  • Tracking made with traditional RFID plus paper-based solutions

Logistic Chain

  • LNG cylinders are loaded in tricks which delivers the items to multiple locations
  • RFID can’t track accurately the transport conditions of the items along the logistic chain
  • The customer loses single-item-basis visibility in the logistic chain

Customer premises

  • Prof of delivery made by traditional paper-based solution
  • the customer can’t get info about the filling level of the cylinder. VMI cant be implemented
  • Not possible to monitor LNG cylinders storage conditions

Reverse logistic chain

  • Cylinders may arrive damaged and even in a condition which makes impossible to reuse it

  • the flow of incoming cylinders can be inconstant and so the production of LNG is

  • Reverse logistic chance is less optimized due to the fact that anticipation and planning is only possible based on historic data

  • The level of occupation of each vehicle is lower than the one observed

  • Customer MUST ask for a refill

  • Al can’t react in advance so no VMI and logistic optimisation is possible

  • the customer need to ensure the cylinder is where it is supposed to be

Our Comprehensive Track and Trace

2G/3G GPS Based Solution

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Business Solutions - Web Application

Business solutions at NKSoft resonate the idea of profitable GPS tracking business globally.

The NKSoft Track & Trace App enables you to access information about your team from anywhere! It enables you to keep an eye on your whole team in real-time! Check up to 24 hours history with/without zone & time specifications! This Simple app enables you to take full control of your profitability!

Chatting & Tracking App

NKSoft is a forerunner in GPS-based tracking systems.

NKSoft offers device trackers as well as a downloadable app that enables you to track all your loved ones as well as valuable assets in real-time.

The various GPS tracking devices that NKSoft offer, include a personal GPS tracking device as well as GPS trackers for vehicle installation for use on the car, bus, bike and much more. The app is just a minute away. Download it for from either the App or play store and send/receive tracking requests instantly.

NKSoft offers two ways to utilize the technology, one is Via app to app with the alternative being afree app to Device. The key feature of this tracking device and tracking app is its real-time tracking with/without time specification. All these designs are packaged in just one device & a app!