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Our Compliance Management platform enables organizations to manage, prioritize, audit and comply with NERC CIP and other Security requirements.

NKSoft NERC/CIP Compliance Management Tool

Our NERC/CIP Compliance Management tool combines requirements, process, procedures, security, best practices, and content to help you simplify and enhance compliance with NERC reliability standards, including NERC 693 and NERC CIP. The tool streamlines NERC compliance processes, while automating manually-intensive workflows. The tool also provides a collection of NERC standards, as well risk and control libraries, control tests and procedures, and reporting templates. Graphical dashboards provide compliance insights that guide and support decision-making at the highest levels of the organization.

Solution is preconfigured with over 30 NERC CIP data-driven evidence reports and oversight & issue management dashboards (CIP and 693).

NERC/CIP uses process-driven compliance and closed-loop controls to enforce compliance, streamline work, and build the “stack” of evidence to meet all aspects of each NERC/CIP Version 5 Requirement.

Built-in Document Management handles all evidence file types and relates them to all relevant NERC/CIP Requirements without creating copies; ensuring a single source of truth for all evidence.

NERC/CIP’s Closed-Loop Control Framework validates critical compliance data; including Ports and Services, Patches, Security Controls, Local Accounts, Logical Access Rights and Physical Access Rights.

One-Click RSAW and Audit Package generation streamlines the audit readiness process and ensures compliance packages are properly completed with all supporting evidence built into each package generated.

Dramatically reduce the time spent on compliance with advanced automation, work simplification, and best practice compliance processes.

Latest News

John Chowdhury was invited by NREL to present the challenges of NERC CIP v5 compliance requirements and how Electric Transmission and Distribution companies  can utilize the management framework developed by NKSoft to manage the security compliance to protect bulk power systems against cybersecurity compromises that could lead to operational failures or instability.  John discussed the following topics:

1.      Measuring NERC CIP adherence
2.      One size does not fit all:  NERC CIP enforcement to fit your organization’s risk priorities
3.      Use the Case Management to manage the progress and compliance
4.      Enabling forensic investigations for the incident response activities
5.      How to demonstrate compliance
6.      Managing risk
7.      Reporting

You can listen to the presentation by clicking the link above or request the presentation by emailing to: john@v8.nksoft.com

NERC CIP Version 3, 4 and 5 is mapped to SANS TOP 20 Critical Controls.Our solution is pre-configured with the Mapping but if you like to receive a copy of the Excel Mapping Worksheet, please email to support@nerccipaudit.net and we will gladly send you a copy.


US Government’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) mandates The NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection) plan. Which are set of requirements designed to secure the assets required for operating North America’s bulk electric system. This is a must security standard now being adopted for all critical…


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