The Leaders

Jim Volpe

President & Energy Industry Expert

Christopher Dunphy

Senior Executive Oracle Services

Chris Douglass

Director & Utility Industry Expert

Farooq Sobhan

Director & Public Sector Expert

Shahid Ahmed

Director & Utility Industry Expert

Aubrey Roberts III

Managing Director, DevOps Services

John Chowdhury

Managing Director & Utility Expert

Key Person of nTeam

All around the world

From United States

Joshua Chowdhury

Management, Intern

Vittoria Totaro

Consulting / Utility Research

Maria Contreras


From India

Sonali Pawar

Software Engineer

From Bangladesh

Enayet Dawdye



Karniz Fatima

Manager & Sr. Software Engineer


Moinuddin Ahmed Rion

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Specialist

Zakaria Hossain

Sr. Software Engineer

Ismail Hossain

Software Engineer

Abdul Gafur

Software Engineer


NKSoft Team

Teaming for success includes our employees, contractors, customer team and partners