Oracle Overview

With the changing business landscape, organizations today are compelled to transform the way they do business, and technology plays a key role in this transformation. At NKSoft, we offer a complete spectrum of services to our clients across the Oracle ecosystem.

Our extensive experience in Oracle applications, coupled with deep domain expertise, has helped over 200 clients from across diverse industry sectors, leverage Oracle applications & technologies to their business advantage. We combine the technical and industry-leading practices to deliver successful business solutions, thereby enabling our clients to maximize their ROI. At NKSoft, we have a dedicated Oracle Innovation and Solution Center (OISC), which is our innovation engine. OISC studies the emerging technologies and identifies ways to leverage them for delivering faster and best-fit solutions to our clients. Our Experience Theaters across the globe enable clients & partners get a preview of technology, without actually investing in it. 

NKSoft’s holistic understanding of our clients' businesses makes us a trusted partner for our clients’ transformation journey. We partner with client enterprises and play a guiding role in aligning their businesses with industry best-practices. Our thorough understanding of technology, enables us to suggest new / alternate models for enterprises to adopt and remain at the forefront. As Oracle Worldwide Platinum Partner and Business Accelerate Partner, we have access to the latest Oracle solutions, methodologies, and a dedicated team of executives to address business issues that trouble enterprises around the globe.



  • Next Generation AMS 
  • Tool-based System Support
  • Cherry-picking Support from Factory
  • Assessment


  • Business Blueprint & Template
  • Implementations
  • Accelerated Rollouts
  • Upgrade
  • Development & Interfaces
  • Training & Testing


  • Move to Cloud
  • Mobile & Wearable Solutions
  • IoT & Workplace
  • Big Data Analytics

End-to-End Offerings Across The Oracle Ecosystem

Line of Business



Oracle Innovation & Solution Center (OISC)

NKSoft has established a state-of-the-art Oracle Innovation & Solution Center. The center brings together our technical & industry experience to conceptualize, showcase and demonstrate next generation solutions, tools & accelerators to meet the ever-changing business requirements, and align with the emerging industry trends. OISC enables clients to achieve enhanced ROI and lower TCO on IT investments and efforts.

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Oracle Utilities Meter Data Analytics

Oracle Utilities Meter Data Analytics offers pre-built dashboards that help you improve metering performance and analyze consumption trends. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Analytics provides; 

  • Analyze consumption trends. 
  • Monitor meter asset performance and make better buying decisions. . 
  • Identify customer segments for energy efficiency and demand management programs. 
  • Decrease losses from unbilled energy. 
  • Make more effective maintenance decisions that help avoid catastrophic grid failures.

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Business Intelligence

The Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Business Intelligence products delivers prebuilt analytics that help utilities improve decision-making, customer service, and revenue management. The Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Business Intelligence products provide fast, easy ways to answer questions about customers and revenues. This products help utilities recognize trends and make better decisions about their business.