Smart isn’t just for phones anymore.

The  NKSoft nPOS is the next evolution in business technology.

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All the tools you need

Payments, digital receipts, open tickets, inventory, reports, and more — nPOS makes it all easy.

Powerful enough for every business

From retail to bakeries, nPOS system serves every kind of business.

Works on Apple and Android

NKSoft Point of Sale available for download. Use it as a mobile POS on a smartphone or on a tablet at your counter.

Always getting better

We’re always building new tools and features. Keep your business up to speed with nPOS software updates.

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A Smarter Way to Pay

NKSoft nPOS accepts all of today's payment types and it's future proof, so it's ready for tomorrow too.

NFC (Apple Pay)
Chip (EMV)
Magnetic Stripe
+ Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, QR, and more

Connect with your customers

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Additional features for retailers.

The NKSoft Point of Sale app works great for any business, but nPOS for Retail is purpose-built for retail stores.

Advanced management tools

Get robust inventory, employee, and customer relationship management tools for only $60/mo.

 Multilocation inventory management

 Cost of goods sold and projected profit reporting

 Purchase orders and vendor lists

 Employee accounts and permissions

 Advanced customer outreach tools and profiles

 Full compatibility with all nPOS hardware

A remote control for your business

NKSoft nPOS helps you monitor and manage your transactions from anywhere, in real time.

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nPOS is PCI Compliant

The nPOS Smart Terminal is secure and 100% PCI compliant. What does it mean to be PCI compliant?

PED Compliance

Debit cards (often referred to as bank cards) and electronic benefits transfers (EBTs) require customers to enter a personal identification number (PIN) into a PIN pad or other PIN entry device (PED). PED compliance calls for rigorous security measures, such as triple DES encryption, fixed key security and authentication software.

Triple DES Encryption

Visa and MasterCard stipulate that all PEDs encode PIN data using a multilayer data encryption standard (DES) algorithm. One way to minimize the risk of non-compliance is to upgrade to terminals that are EMV compatible. EMV is the global standard for payment processing technology, and it’s coming to the United States. EMV uses an integrated chip embedded in the card to hold all the cardholder information previously stored on the magnetic stripe, and more. And it contains advanced security technology that can help reduce data fraud. Our EMV-compatible terminals are all fully PCI compliant. Please click here for more information about EMV.

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PCI Compliance Requirements

Any equipment that you use to process credit card payments must meet industry and government compliance requirements, particularly the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Following are the basics of compliance for credit card processing equipment.

PCI Compliance: 

The PCI DSS clearly states that sensitive information (including credit card numbers and expiration dates) cannot be stored on any credit card processing equipment. Specific compliance requirements are outlined in the PCI DSS. Credit card processing equipment that does not adhere to these security standards is classified as noncompliant and puts your business at risk for fines and data security breaches.

Truncation Compliance

The data security standards outline specific requirements for the printing of credit card receipts.  Only the last four digits of a credit card number may be shown and the expiration date must be obscured on all copies of a receipt. Use of noncompliant equipment that does not adhere to these standards can lead to fines and limited processing capability.

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